Research Projects Overview

Projects menu items

What is research? In many ways, it’s just a systematic way of asking and answering questions. Our SGE site supports a particular approach to asking and answering questions about environmental issues: we call it situated research. We pursue situated research in a manner that affords ready sharing of resources, which we call social learning. The site features situated research projects, presented in three ways:

  • Project records contain basic information about the environmental research project: location, status, researchers, key questions, methodology, etc. SGE researchers login to the site and create a new project record using a simple form when they initially propose their project, and periodically update it as needed.
  • Project mashups assemble a link to the above record, project images, research-related posts, references, and a map of all geotagged resources for any one research project onto one page. Similar to the project record, logged-in researchers create a mashup on this site via a simple form. Mashups are complex, though cached to speed retrieval.
  • Project geotag maps are automatically generated on the mashup for all geotagged resources, but researchers can create a larger geotag map (also linked to the mashup) to display and access their resources via another quick form.

The Projects menu items allow you to view a listing of all research projects and link to each mashup, learn about and browse our Mellon-funded research projects or course-related research projects, see all projects on a map, or view selected project posters in a gallery.

SGE research projects were funded from 2011 to 2014. To see where situated research and social learning has gone in the Environmental Studies Program at Lewis & Clark College since then, please visit the ENVS website.