ENVS Course SGE Projects

Sample research project mashup with summary slideshow, link to full research record, recent posts, recent references, and geotagged resources

The projects linked below represent situated research done as a part of our courses in the ENVS Program at Lewis & Clark College. Select a course to browse an alphabetical summary of all SGE research projects, including links to fuller documentation via a project record and a dynamic mashup summary of project resources.

  • ENVS 220: Environmental Analysis. ENVS 220 is taken fall of our students’ sophomore year, and stresses interdisciplinary research methods. Student situated research projects focus on one of our international situated research sites, and culminate in a proposal.
  • ENVS 330: Situating Environmental Problems and Solutions. ENVS 330 is taken in the spring of our students’ junior year. The course is an advanced analysis of environmental problems and solutions, situating them in time, space, and biophysical/human context to provide greater appreciation for their complexity as well as to help devise successful responses.
  • ENVS 400: Senior Seminar. ENVS 400 is the culminating course taken the final semester of our students’ senior year. Student situated research is documented in their senior theses.
  • ENVS 490: Topics in Environmental Studies. ENVS 490 features a variety of advanced topics in environmental studies, ranging from natural disasters to environmental conflicts. Student situated research projects reflect a number of themes.
  • ENVS 499: Independent Study. Students taking an ENVS 499 course are doing independent research on an environmental topic, often in preparation or followup to an overseas program or international project.