Geotagged Math Maps

Davidson College

Contact: Tim Chartier
Project Completion Date: December 20, 2012


In math classes, students can hear that the class content should connect to their lives. This project is intended to help Davidson College students and children and youth in local schools see math in the everyday world. Math surrounds us as evidenced in the Found Math Gallery of the Mathematical Association of America,

The math maps produced as part of this project are the culminating course project in a Finite Math class at Davidson College.  Groups of Davidson students will work with local schools to create math maps in the town of Davidson. Each map will contain 6-8 sites. Each site will be geotagged.  In this way, a child or youth can visit that location by following the math map. Once the object or structure is found at the site, the student can then follow a content appropriate activity. The math maps can be used by families as an at-home activity or for a class on an outdoor field trip.

Here is a PDF presentation of this project, by Tim Chartier. The PDF may be cited as follows: “Finite math tag: Geotagged math maps, applications for mathematics classes from outside STEM fields,” panelist, Joint Math Meetings, San Diego, CA. January 2013. And here is a summary of the project from Davidson College.


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